Echo of Universe
L’Écho de l’Univers


Echo of Universe is a project based on western art history after the 1920s. With the support of city Artist Association, the music performance was held 16 August in the City of Zigong.

L’écho de l’univers est une performance musicale d’une heure. Ce projet est basé sur courant d’histoire de l’art après la Deuxième Guerre mondiale. Avec le soutien d’Association d’Artistes de la ville, la performance avait lieu 18 août à Zigong.


Through the play, the audience explores historical art them like Dadaism, Nouveaux Réalism, Pap Art and avant-garde in the 1960s. It resums life stories of various artists, particularly Andy Worhol, Yves Klein, Niki de Saint-Phalle and emerging Chinese artists. The script blends English, French and Chinese, it looks into local culture and art globalisation.


Lead creators are Zheng Jishuang, Wan Zixi, Zheng Lihui, Song Xinzhu, Zhou Xiaoyue, Zheng Siwei, Zen Xiangying, Liu Xingyu and Wang Yan.

Here is video documentation.
More information about actors you can download PDF.